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Moshe Schull wrote:

Brian wrote:
Recently I found my Dalhart Windberg print , Country Morn , s/n limited edition 12x16 at a yard sale.
Herb wrote:
Just last week my kids picked up my Dalhart Windberg s/n print , Innocence Of Spring 8x20 limited edition on eBay.
Sims wrote:
Got my Dalhart Windberg s/n print , Taking a Break , 18x24 limited edition hours ago and am totally pleased with it.
Cindi Fielding wrote:
Last week my wife found my " Anticipation " -DALHART WINDBERG - LTD ED at garage sale.
Jeffery Cowan wrote:
Today my wife bought my Signed Dalhart Windberg Gift of Love Limited Edition 1980 Print Framed Affidavit on Amazon.
Daisy Bellis wrote:
Today my wife found my "Anticipation" by Dalhart Windberg at garage sale.
Nydia Delcid wrote:
Recently I bought my Windberg "Gift Of Love" Limited Edition, Signed With Dark & Light Green Matting on Amazon.
Zofia Vickery wrote:
Recently my kids bought my Windberg Quiet Embrace of the Season at garage sale.
Ivey wrote:
Last week I picked up my Dalhart Windberg Flourish of Nature's Hues National Park Special Shenandoah on eBay.
Lucile wrote:
Last week my kids picked up my Dalhart Windberg Quiet Grandeur National Park Series Special Edition Mt Rainer on Amazon.
Theron wrote:
Got my Dalhart Windberg Thundering Splendor National Park Series Special Yellowstone some time ago and am really happy with the price.
Georgianne wrote:
Today my son-in-law picked up my 1987 LTD ED "Nature's Winter Blanket" S/N Print by Dalhart Windberg is MINT! on Amazon.
Lynnette Bomberger wrote:
Today my son found my Vintage 1970 Dalhart Windberg Tranquility Framed Print 15.5 x 17.5 at garage sale.
Lucilla Lecuyer wrote:
Last week I bought my Vintage 1971 Dalhart Windberg Woodland Reflections Framed Print 15.5 x 17.5 on Amazon.
Maisie Ek wrote:
Recently I picked up my Windberg Safe Passage Dalhart Print Framed Signed Limited Edition Rare Numbered on eBay.

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